Competent building of summer kitchen

If you have a personal plot, then you need to build additional household buildings on it . It is very good when there is a summer kitchen next to home, where you can cook food, dine with the whole family, and also rest and watch TV. It is easy to build such summer kitchen with your own hands. The main thing is to find a suitable place for its construction and purchase the necessary for building material. It is best to build a kitchen from shells or foam blocks. With the help of such building material, your kitchen will be warm, and the walls will be able to breathe and evaporate moisture, which is very important for such a household room. Now start directly drawing up a plan for your kitchen. It should be small.

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According to a competently drawn up plan, you can professionally mark the future kitchen and start construction. While you get the necessary material, start erecting the foundation. Do not forget that he is the most important thing in any construction. Further operation of the room depends on the foundation. You will need to dig a hole about fifty centimeters in depth. And then fill it with gravel and pour it with high -quality concrete. Когда фундамент немного просядет и просохнет, то начинайте монтировать стены и крышу вашей кухни.