High-quality doors from Top-DOORS

The Moscow company Top-Doors has been engaged in the production and implementation of doors for many years, both interior and input. During her existence, she received thousands of reviews from grateful customers, and many Muscovites became owners of inexpensive and high -quality doors.

I must say that the entrance and interior doors of this manufacturer are made only from materials that are delivered directly from Western Europe. The absence of intermediaries allows minimizing a trading allowance for the final product. This goes into the hands of customers who can purchase really inexpensive doors.

Types presented in the assortment of interior doors in appearance:

Deaf (are the most inexpensive, they are suitable for those people who value calmness, because there is no glass in such doors, therefore, a person does not see what is happening outside the doors);

glazed (you can choose doors with any pattern on the glass, there is also the opportunity to purchase doors with beautiful stained glass windows);


with a phrama (outwardly they look exactly like arched, but the arch does not open in them; the phrama itself is intended in order not to weight the door design);

swing -shaped (such doors are opened not forward or backward, but left or right; ideal for those who want to save space; there are also doors that can open upward, the type of Roman curtains, but their installation is quite complicated).

Unlike interior, entrance doors must be chosen not by type, but according to the material from which they are made. Fortunately, there are no problems with a variety of doors in Top-Doors. In particular, you can buy entrance doors from the following materials:





Wooden doors are rare today, usually in cases where the owner of an apartment or house needs to emphasize the features of the interior. Metal – the most popular and common. They are produced exclusively from steel. And the most important thing: the parameter of such steel is the thickness of the steel sheet. The thicker it is, the better (some Chinese “high -quality” doors can be opened with an ordinary opener for canned food!).

By glass means such doors that are made not from ordinary, but shock -resistant glass. They are extremely rare in Moscow, but they gradually become more and more popular.