Doors for schools – what should they be

If you need to choose doors for children’s educational institutions, without a doubt, you need to choose only durable, functional constructions, with fire properties and corresponding to sanitary standards. Children regularly check the doors for strength, treating this element of the interior far from as neatly as adults would like that. Often, metal doors are installed in schools, thinking that this is a more durable option. However, we must not forget about injury hazard. Massive iron products can cause serious injuries of children’s fingers and hands, while plastic doors are unlikely to be capable of this.

Plastic schools for schools have a smooth, easily washing surface. In addition, such plastic as SPI also has antibacterial properties, which became possible thanks to its composition.

The modern market offers a wide variety of models, different in design, color. Many companies create bright products with original drawings. A skilled combination with the general design of school classes will allow children to feel comfortable.

In addition to plastic doors, veneered doors can also be a good choice for schools. There is a wide variety of such models that satisfy all the requirements. First of all, this applies to the strength of the structure and sound insulation. In addition, the veneer used in the decoration of the door allows you to create a unique design that conveys the texture of natural wood. The frame of the canvas, as a rule, is made of natural wood, and are tightly filled with a stove made of wood chips. A high -quality veneer made of natural wood is glued on top of the door frame. This is a practical and environmentally friendly material. There will be no damage to it, which is especially relevant for educational institutions.

Often the interior of the premises in kindergartens does not take into account such an important detail as the doors, although it is with them that the room begins where the children constantly open and close the doors. Try to pay more attention to this details of the interior decoration of the room. They must be safe and durable, as the kids often clap doors, press their fingers, hang on the handles, crash into them. The guys draw wherever they like, including on the doors. Therefore, they must certainly allow them to be easily cleaned and not afraid of detergents.