The perfect solution for your sex is the Quick Step Parquet board

Parquet board in the modern construction market remains a relatively new floor covering. And yet she continues to gain popularity and love of consumers.

Moreover, the popularity of this material in some way is ensured by its relative availability, since this coating is located just between the inexpensive and elite segments of flooring. At the same time, the parquet board combines both modern technological and excellent external characteristics of natural wood.

Parquet Quick STEP has a multi -layer structure. At the same time, for the upper layer, the wood of oak, walnut, wenge, maple, birch, tick and other valuable breeds are used. But the substrate is made of less valuable wood species, which in the end allows you to reduce the cost of the material.

Nevertheless, having decided to buy a Quick-STEP parquet board, you will not have to worry about the reliability of this coating, since the middle layers of the material include gvee wood, famous for its ability to withstand significant loads.

Production technology allows you to reliably protect Quick STEP from deformations as a result of temperature differences, which allows us to talk about the high reliability of this coating that is superior even of such expensive materials as a massive board and piece parquet.

The installation of the flooring is carried out by the patented company by the castle connection system – Uniclic, which allows to ensure the perfect fixation and strength for a break of about 450 kg/m. In addition, the wax coating of the castle connection creates additional floor protection from moisture exposure.

The indisputable advantage of the Parquet board Quick Step is the simplicity of its installation, which does not require the use of special tools. The high laying speed is also provided with a significant size of the boards, as well as the presence on their upper layer of the finish coating, which allows not to carry out additional processing.