Facade thermal insulation

When it comes to insulation of the facade, many make a number of mistakes, which then lead to very bad consequences. Such errors include poor -quality cleaning of walls from dirt and oil spots, leaving layers of old paint on the surface, as well as the absence of a primer on surfaces with strong absorbing characteristics.

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When installing heat -insulating plates on the facades of buildings, a variety of errors are also made, for example, incorrect proportions in the manufacture of glue or the use of too thin layer, non -compliance with the temperature regime, work in the rain, snow or strong gusty wind.

During installation, dowels with a metal nail and dowel with a plastic nail are used. Metal nails are necessary for working with heavy materials, and plastic with lighter ones, for example, polystyrene. Avoid heat loss through metal nails helps polyamide coating with the addition of glass wool. There are usually much more dowels in the extreme zones of facades, this is due to the fact that this zone is most exposed to strong winds. When drilling is carried out, it must be remembered that for hollow materials you can not use a shock drill.