How to avoid errors during the repair of an apartment

Many people, having decided to carry out the repairs of the apartment for the first time and independently, are faced with the main mistakes, the commission of which will turn the apartment renovation into a continuous headache. It is in such cases, and on such unsuccessful experience, popular wisdom is based that “repair is worse than a fire”. After reading this article, you will learn how to avoid the main mistakes, to correct the consequences of which even more effort, time, nerves and, of course, money will take.

Apartment renovation should carefully think over. We recommend approaching the creation of the plan personally, without the help of specialists. You, as an owner, know better than any specialist the real state of things in your apartment, and you can take into account all the nuances requiring attention. After the end of work on the plan, it should be shown to professionals, to consult and make editing. The plan for the repair of the apartment should contain detailed information about design, bathroom, electrician. Such an integrated approach will not allow unpleasant situations. For example, in a large room there will be too few batteries to maintain heat in it, or the TV will be too far from the nearest outlet.

Follow the correspondence of the screed. In many cases, in different rooms, depending on the interior, different tiles are laid. In this case, the screed should coincide with them, so that it does not turn out that laminate (or vice versa) is laid on the screed under the tile.

Choose reliable materials for internal partitions. In the plan-project of the repair of the apartment, take into account the options and places of strengthening the walls and ceiling. Do not forget to calculate the load correctly.

Diligently and meticulously choose materials for all types of work. “The stingy pays twice”, this folk wisdom, by the way, is suitable when choosing a material for repairing an apartment. Damage after repairing the apartment, most often arise in those places where poor -quality, cheap materials were used. Moreover, many inexpensive materials may contain unsafe substances.

The correct sequence is the key to success. The apartment renovation should start with communications (electrician, sausel), and then proceed to the main part – walls. Follow the floor, then to the ceiling. Before the final stage of the repair of the apartment, namely finishing work, it is worth taking care of additional functions (TV, Internet).

Taking into account the above, the apartment renovation will be held with minimal, and maybe without unpleasant curios.