Facade of the House of Artificial Stone

The facade of the house can be compared with its business card. It is when looking at the appearance of the building that the impression of its owners is created. There are an incredible number of completely different options for the decoration of facades, for which materials such as brick, porcelain stoneware, natural or artificial and others are used. In their free time, you can find out how the hazard of upholstered furniture is carried out this information is very useful.

In recent years, the decoration of houses with artificial stone has become more and more popular. The reason for such a demand lies in the fact that this type of stone looks just like natural, but it weighs several times less than a natural analogue. Another indisputable advantages of an artificial counterpart is the variety of forms and shades that you will not meet a natural stone. A wide selection allows you to finish in the desired color, without losing the quality.

The artificial stone is made from concrete mixture, into which plasticizers and required dyes are added. If necessary, you can order the manufacture of individual stone according to the sketches provided by the customer himself.

This type of finish not only makes the house incredibly attractive, but also with an additional insulation, since it does not completely miss moisture at the base of the house. The artificial stone is attached to the concrete solution, like the natural stone.