Fantasy when arranging a site

The arrangement of a country or suburban area can occur in different ways, it all depends on fantasy and of course on the possibilities.

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The fact is that someone wants and can afford to equip a stationary pool on the site, and someone in the case of a pool can afford only a frame, and sometimes an inflatable pool, despite the fact that he wants a stationary. In general, starting the organization of the site must immediately be knocked out, at least a preliminary estimate in order to decide on the cost of everything that will be carried out.

Of course, you can equip the site even without the slightest costs, only for this, firstly, you will need a great fantasy of the author, secondly, source materials, as well as tools and thirdly skills of certain works. On the site you can make a false man, for this you can use a couple of old logs and other wood, which remained, for example, after disassembling some dilapidated building.

You can build a gazebo, and also from improvised materials. So the walls and in general the frame of the gazebo can be erected from the trunks of sawn trees, and the roofs from the old slate, which remained after replacing the roof on the house or cottage. Options are the whole sea, the main thing is to start.