Artificial stone for countertops from Kamen-V

Countertops in modern cuisine play a very important role. Their designs can be different – single -level and multi -level, with cut sinks and dryers for dishes. The material for the manufacture of countertops can be metal, natural stone, as well as modern composites. Artificial stone for countertops in the Kamen-Va online store. – This is not only a wide selection, but also the highest quality of high -quality certified products.

The choice of artificial stone includes the products of the famous Dupont brand:

Corian – can be used to produce countertops of any form, since during heat treatment the material can take any required form;

Montelli – high operational characteristics and wide color scheme at affordable cost.

Samsung products are also presented:

Staron is a heat -resistant material that allows you to create countertops and other surfaces using seamless technology;

Tempest is the latest development representing a completely new color palette.

Kamen-va offers not only a large selection of artificial stone for countertops, window sills, kitchen sinks, bar racks and other interior items, but also finished products, special adhesives, accessories necessary for the installation and connection of kitchen sinks.

Order placement is possible for cash or non -cash calculation. One -time delivery is possible without drawing up a special contract, and with long -term cooperation, an agreement is concluded on mutually beneficial terms. It is possible to deliver the order of the company by transport, as well. Delivery of more than 15 sheets of material is carried out in Moscow at the expense of the company. All questions about placing an order can be clarified by calling on the site.