Frescoes on the wall for a stylish interior

The painting of the walls and ceilings from ancient times decorated the houses and palaces of the nobility, giving them not only a sophisticated taste, but luxurious decoration. Nowadays, the interior painting is gaining its former popularity and becomes a popular way to decorate the premises.

Using frescoes on a wall or ceiling, you can quickly and accessiblely decorate not only an apartment, but also a country house and office. Modern technologies make the process of applying frescoes fast and inexpensive. Big and large -scale wall painting will give the rooms a sense of space, fill them with a special atmosphere. Small frescoes on the ceiling or walls emphasize the sophistication of the room and its unique style. Design, including plots on modern or vintage topics, will revive the space and decorate it.

Sufficiently popular is the painting of walls, which is a composition in the style of modern or a picturesque landscape. This is a great way to bring a zest and artistry into the space of premises. A qualitatively performed painting can give a feeling of being on nature. Working in a vintage style will create an antiquity raid.

As a rule, many frescoes look as luxurious as works of art. This is especially true for those works that are performed in the technique of imitation of old walls – with bumps and cracks. Modern canvases look more stylish. Specialists of Art of Russia will perform the painting of ceilings or walls in any style, starting from imitation under the antiquity and ending with the modern style. The qualified artists of the studio will quickly and efficiently create a new world in your home, office, restaurant or club.

Increasingly, the services of specialists in the painting of walls and ceilings become available to consumers with medium income. This is due to both the appearance of modern materials and the use of unique technologies.

Due to its high decorativeness, painting of ceilings and walls reaches a leading position in the area of ​​decoration of the rooms.