French stretch ceilings

French ceilings are considered a standard among ceiling coatings. They have an attractive appearance, allow you to create a calm and cozy atmosphere. Today they are widespread not only in apartments, but also in commercial premises, such as restaurants, beauty salons, boutiques.

The use of innovative technologies allows Interior Group to implement original projects of any complexity. Modern design solutions will be an excellent decoration of any interior.

Advantages of French ceilings

French stretch ceilings from the most famous manufacturers are of excellent quality and have many advantages, more here

Moisture resistance. The use of PVC film retains the ceiling in perfect condition even when water gets. Therefore, they can be installed even in rooms with high humidity, for example, bathrooms.

Easy maintenance. It is enough to wipe the ceiling with an ordinary damp cloth, and it will again acquire an impeccable appearance.

The possibility of thermal insulation. Due to the features of the design, they can place insulation in them. As a result, the room will become a warmer.

Elimination of irregularities. The coating has no seams, hides joints and looks perfectly even and smooth.

Practicality. Lighting devices, ventilation or alarm can be mounted into the ceiling.

Production and installation of French ceilings

World -famous French ceilings are produced in Kembs. There are two concerns here, their products are really exclusive, and the formula is kept secret. Manufacturers are proud of their achievements. Modern technologies and safe materials allow you to achieve unsurpassed results.

Features of the product are the molecular memory of the material from which the ceilings are made. It allows you to use a unique attachment system, excluding the occurrence of irregularities. So during the installation process, the material is heated using a special heat gun, which makes it possible to stretch it and insert it into a pre -prepared profile. Then, when the canvas cooles, it returns to the original external appearance, guaranteeing reliability, durability and an interesting characteristic shine.

French stretch ceilings at a low price is almost impossible to find. And this is not surprising, since they are distinguished by unsurpassed quality, environmental friendliness and attractiveness. Today, such ceiling coating is chosen by people with impeccable taste.