France is a leader in the production of suspended ceilings

A large many different technologies and new developments help create comfort in an apartment or house. Most of the began to give preference to suspended fabrics that have excellent quality and are unnecessary to repaint or abrupt every year in order to maintain the freshness of the repair.

One of the first countries that has developed and established the first stretch ceilings of France, it has been the leader in the production of such canvases for many decades for many decades. The first canvas was installed in 1969, these products have excellent quality that meets all European standards. “Barrisol” was the first company to create a stretch fabric, and to this day holds their leadership positions in the market. Their development is also an amazing canvas called “Star Sky”, which was released in 1988.

The stretch fabrics produced by Barrisol are distinguished by their high quality and have a wide range of shades and photo prints. The stretch fabrics have a long operational period, which is 10-15 years, and after such a time, stretch ceilings France do not lose their color or brightness of paints. A large achievement of such ceilings is also strength, because they can withstand a huge load, about 600 liters of water, this quality can help well if your office or house has been accidentally flooded. A huge amount of water will be effectively held by the canvas, and after experts carefully pump out the water, the canvas acquires its original appearance.

The stretch fabrics can conditionally be divided into three types: suture, seamless that can cover and completely close large ceilings. Suture stretch ceilings have its own advantage, because the seam itself during installation is made on special equipment and after completion of work it is practically not visible. PVC film that is used for manufacturing the canvas before installation is heated to a temperature of 80 degrees and stretches, after all the work the ceiling has a perfectly smooth surface, and withstanding a distance of 4 cm between the main ceiling and the stretch fabric, the heat insulation effect is created and the air pillow also promotes the soundproofing insulation. Many who have opted for suspended ceilings have already checked all the positive qualities that are achieved using stretch ceilings.