The double -glazed window is a design consisting of three or two glasses, between which there is a space filled with a special filler. Its role may act as air or gas. As a gas filling, Argon or Crypton is used. Productive companies say that gases pass the heat much less, and it is thanks to this property that double-glazed windows with such a “filling” are more expensive. But professionals argue that the differences in such characteristics of structures with air or gas filling are not so great, so to pay more or not – to decide the buyer himself.

In their characteristics, double -glazed windows are divided into:

– Energy -saving. With the help of special spraying on the surface of the glass and tightness, such structures can maintain the necessary temperature regime in the house. This is especially convenient for buildings with an autonomous heating system. Spraying is a thin layer consisting of metals oxides applied to the glass surface. Such a coating can reflect from heating devices heat back into the rooms. This is how saves from 20 or more percent.

– Drilling windows are soundproofing. Their characteristics are completely dependent on the number of glasses, their thickness and on the distance between them. If the number of glasses is increased, then the resonance will increase, which can lower soundproofing qualities. Therefore, it is better to “take” not in number, but in quality. Glass should be a thickened type, and between them the cameras should have a different width. The cameras are filled with gaseous substances that have low resonant frequencies (for example, six -fluorine sulfur). Also, soundproofing increases during lamination.

– Supervisor double -glazed windows can have a blue, green or bronze tint. Similar types of glass are completely or partially able to absorb the rays of the sun, but at the same time they are transparent. The method of pyrolysis or cathode spray is used here.

– Decorative double -glazed windows can be created in two ways: a) using sandblasting. So the pattern is created on the double -glazed window using sand and air stream. Under high pressure on the profile, air with sand acts. The result is a matte surface. If you change the granularity of the sand, then you can get various drawings.

B) with the help of a stained glass, which consists of parts of different colors connected to patterns and ornaments.

But an easier way to give a glass -glazed window the original type is the use of a decorative film.