Gravel and its application

The word “gravel” has French roots, and in translation means: “large sand”.

This is an important and widely used building material, which externally is a loose mixture of sedimentary rocks. Each such mixture has its own structure and sizes of debris of rocks.

How gravel is formed? Gravel is a material of natural origin, the basis of the formation of which are the processes of mechanical weathering of mountain solid rocks. Very often you can find, between large debris, smaller material. Gravel in a career way or as a result of dispersion of sand masses in the areas of river channels.

The use of gravel in the construction of gravel is actively used in the construction industry. Perhaps this is the most popular bulk material that is today in great demand. LLC “LLC” offers gravel, as well as other building materials at affordable prices, while the material will be delivered directly to the consumer.

Gravels of three different fractions are presented on sale fractions and their use on sale, each of which is used for different purposes: • faction 5-20 • faction 20-40 • faction 40-70

Gravel fraction 5-20 is used mainly in construction. Work on laying foundations, making concrete or structures from it – more than one of these types of work is not complete without this material. In addition, the gravel of this fraction is also used for decorative purposes, for example, for the formation of garden paths, decorating flower beds or for designing artificial reservoirs.

Gravel fractions 20-40 and 40-70 have a different application. Most often, it is used for road construction, as well as in the arrangement of foundations or drainage systems.

Specialists of the company “” will help choose gravels of the necessary faction. The company guarantees the high quality of its building materials.