High -quality and inexpensive interior doors

Meter -room doors

Today we will talk about such important ones not so much with practical as from an aesthetic point of view elements of the interior decoration of the house, like doors between rooms. Inexpensive interior doors today are the most popular solution that combines the simplicity and aesthetics of design with reliability and quality.

Choose inexpensive interior doors to your taste

The most important thing in such door structures is the optimal combination of their aesthetic parameters with practicality and ease of use.

Moreover, it is necessary to adhere to a certain style of design, so that everything looks harmonious, and was in place.

So, for example, it is no longer in fashion to decorate the rooms, installing a door with different design for each individual room. A more harmonious option today is the integrity of the design of the living space or the smooth flow of one area of ​​the apartment/house to another.

Rules for the selection of internal door structures

Rule number 1 is that, in fact, it has already been announced – here it is necessary to withstand a single design style. At the same time, experts recommend ordering all doors from only one manufacturer. In terms of style, color and texture, inexpensive interior doors should be as compatible as possible to each other.

The second rule of choice of doors reads – you should always put the platband and box on the free -governing openings. Even, despite the apparent volume and openness of the space, which is created thanks to empty doorways, this technique is often not too convenient and practical in everyday life. Excellent visualization is radically different from what is called staged photographs of freshly renovated housing. To avoid wiping the material on the ends of the openings, which occurs over time, many resort to camouflage of these “problem” areas. In order to avoid such problems, the best solution will order the skin of doorways. At a cost, this will be more expensive than installing one canvas for the doorway.

Rule No. 3 reads the following: not only the door panel itself, but also the box, platbands, as well as the available fittings, should clearly correspond to the design style of the entire interior. Moreover, all the elements listed above should favorably emphasize and supplement it. In this case, you can look for a connection with the surrounding interior elements and emphasize them with the appropriate fittings. But you should not get involved in such, since the little things should not concentrate on yourself the main attention.