Geosynthetics in the arrangement of the estate

The construction of a country house is one of the main directions of use of paintings from non -woven geotextiles. This environmentally friendly material is made of polypropylene fibers with an needle -rustic method. It has high chemical resistance and resistance to thermo -oxidative aging. Geotextiles successfully realize functions such as separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, as well as their combination. The working temperature range of this synthetic material ranges from -60 to +110 degrees Celsius.

As practice shows, the use of geotextiles in suburban construction is widely used. It makes it possible to economically and, at the same time, it is effective for many years to solve a whole range of problems for the preparation of the site for the construction and improvement of the estate. As a building material, geotextiles will help prepare the foundation of the foundation before the construction of the building. He will carry out the base, reinforcement and interruption of the capillary lifting of water into the walls of the building. You can not do without this material and when arranging a reliable and durable operated roof. The strength characteristics of geotextiles fully meet all the requirements for the roof device. If your construction site is a slope above average (from 8% to 15%), it is necessary to apply artificial structures.

For reinforcing soil on steep slopes and slopes, geoster is more often used. This synthetic material is designed for construction on weak soils. With high rigidity, the geosquet allows you to withstand very large loads with very low deformations. Special impregnation provides it with immunity to aggressive influences. The secret of the durability of access roads, sites, garden paths is a solid foundation. Modern technologies allow, thanks to the use of geoset, to switch to a completely different level of quality, increase the reliability and durability of the roadway, and at the same time reduce construction costs.

Gabion structures also found practical application in the arrangement of the estate. Traditionally they were used to strengthen sea beaches and consolidate very steep slopes. But the gabion structures found an honorable place in modern garden construction. Designs made from gabions combine modern design and natural naturalness. It is not difficult to build an exotic wall of such material and inexpensively. Gabions of any size can be ordered from the supplier. The wall will help get rid of a large number of construction waste, such as stone crumbs and concrete. All this falls asleep inside the Gabions. A peculiar solution will be the addition of land with seeds of plants in the backfill. The grown greens will revive the appearance of the fence, turn the fence from the Gabions into a hedge, thereby decorating the garden plot. The popularity of “living” walls is growing. The slagged air and concrete walls are terribly tiring, and the type of greens growing directly from the wall encourages and pleases the eye. The fence from such a material will protect not only from prying eyes, but also from street noise. The appearance of such a structure can be absolutely anything and is determined only by your aesthetic taste. Gabio structures, “fried” seeds of herbs, you can linen the facade of the building. Such walls will fabully change the image of the house. The “living” carpet will hide, if necessary, completely any defects in the facade, you will not have to mess with a difficult and expensive repair. In addition, abundant leafy mass has an excellent phytoncid effect.

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