Competently select a summer cottage

Probably, each of us was mentally conceived about the acquisition of suburban real estate, for example, a country house, a cottage or a land plot. Currently, the sale of land in the Moscow region is very popular. There is nothing strange about this, because more and more people do not want to live in a large city, but give their preference to suburban real estate. If you decide to buy a land plot, we recommend buying it in a cottage village. For example, on the Kfamily website. Country sites are sold in villages that have transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. Thanks to this, buying good summer cottages here, you will not be divorced from civilization, but you can live among beautiful landscapes and breathe fresh air.

Unlike land allotments and houses that are sold in villages, plots in summer and cottage villages suggest the presence of all communications, modern infrastructure, reliable protection and neighbors of one social status with you. For many years, the purchase of real estate in the Moscow region is considered a profitable investment. Having decided to buy a site now, you can profitably sell it in a few years, if it is necessary. Most people decide to build a house on the site where several generations can rejoice in nature and landscapes.

The country site makes it possible to use the land plot as efficiently as possible. Here you can build residential buildings, breed bees, engage in gardening or gardening. In addition, you can use a summer cottage for permanent or temporary residence, the number of people is not limited. If you take into account all the advantages of buying suburban real estate, do not forget that when choosing suburban real estate in the cottage village, its main characteristics are the following:

– view opening from the window;

– Ecology and picturesque landscapes;

– territorial availability of the site;

– distance from Moscow;

– Blagodnight of the company-developer;

– infrastructure development;

– the presence of all necessary communications.

Each of these characteristics affects the value of real estate. In addition, independent laying of the asphalt road surface and main communications will cost much more than buying a site in a cottage or country village.