We use textured plaster

If you want your walls to look spectacular, you can use textured plaster. The main distinguishing moment is that you can create a particular pattern yourself.

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Also, textured plaster can be used for a fairly long time, the only thing you can do in the future is to update its appearance. In addition, textured plaster is not afraid of light mechanical damage, so it can be used by those who have animals or small children in the house.

Before you use decorative plaster, you will have to prepare the surface well. To do this, you will need to remove the old coating, for example, wallpaper, paint. Also, in the presence of cracks, they get rid of them, after which the surface is primed, and only after that you can use textured plaster.

After that, you will need to dilute the textured plaster and with the help of a regular spatula to apply this solution to the surface. With this spatula, you will have to create reliefs that you like. In order to get a beautiful wave, you can use a spatula with a wave -like edge. But to obtain a flat surface, it is also recommended to use the finish putty.