From the history of plastic windows

Any thing has its own story, even one to which we are all so used to it that we do not even pay attention to it. Tiple -glazed windows include double -glazed windows, whose story begins in 1865 in Germany with the issuance of a patent.

At that time, double-glazed windows were called differently, only “heat packets”, because the main task of this design is to maintain heat in the room. Despite the fact that many years have passed, heat conservation still remains one of the most important functions of the window, although modern technologies greatly facilitate the production of plastic windows.

But glasses with spraying might not have been, if not for the study of the radiation of Japanese scientists. During their experiments, they accidentally discovered that the spraying of precious metals affects the reflective abilities of the glass and helps it reflect the heat. Thus, speaking, speaking the language of experts, energy -saving glasses, which, according to modern standards, must be included.

There are places where window glasses are more prone to breakdown, and their fragments can seriously harm people. To protect against fragments, after damage, a three -layer particularly strong glass is used, the so -called “triplex”, which does not leave small sharp pieces in case of breakdown. But he might not have been, if not for the accident.

Palma of the primacy in the production of Triplex belongs to the French scientist Eduard Benedictus. He opened this technology quite by accident, dropping a glass flask with an ether-synceter solution of cellulose nitrate. The scientist noted that the solution, frozen, stopped the formation of fragments, and the flask itself was only covered with small cracks, but no fragments were observed. After his opening, Eduard Benedictus created glass consisting of two glasses, between which a solution was applied. Such glasses were first used in the automotive industry. Then, the production of triplex technology began to be applied on an industrial scale in the production of counterparts during the First World War.

However, do not forget that the windows consist not only of glass, but also of the profile. BASF concern is better known to us in its audio – and video cassette. Few people know that this chemical company became the first company whose scale of production of window profiles PVC could be equated with industrial.