Manufacturing of double -glazed windows

Everyone already knows that PVC windows are reliable and high -quality. They do not require any special care for themselves. In addition, they are strong, safe, and just in operation. In this article we will talk about how and from what plastic windows make. Are they really so high -quality and reliable or not? At the very beginning, I will say that the manufacture of plastic windows has a special technology, according to which they are actually done. If there is at least one slightest defect in the manufacture of such windows, then on such windows you can already put a cross.

Each manufacturer who carefully monitors the manufacture of windows and controls everything himself can rightfully be considered the best. The manufacturer must very clearly observe the technology. In the manufacture of plastic windows, a very low percentage of a poor -quality product, because everything is automated and is performed in only five stages. To get glass in different sizes it cut, for this use special tools and fluids for cutting. Take a large sheet of glass and begin to cut it to the desired size, this is the first stage. This production works very well, it is automated and without current. Glass can almost not be damaged with the cutting itself, because it lies on a soft pillow. In addition, this production is not so costly. Making spacers and their fastening. They are attached with the help of corners and in bets, their dimensions determine the glass. There is a small drainage in the inside, so that moisture does not accumulate like that. Only silicate gel or molecular sieve can be the absorber, it is according to European standards.

Must bite small holes in spacers from their inside, where the surface of the glass. The hollow places in the profile should be strictly filled with a drainage, the granules of the drainage itself are not as there should not be less than the holes themselves. The second stage is a glass of glass, here they use special equipment. With special brushes, they wash it around the edges, by the way, these brushes are with a very hard pile. At the same time, the tightness of the glass is not violated, but the quality of the glass after the sink becomes much better and will serve you for more than a dozen years. The third stage, it is quite complicated, here the first layer of sealant is applied. The sealant layer should be at least 3. Next is the assembly, connect all its parts into one, the press is processed for the tradition of the final form, this is the penultimate stage. And the final stage, corners and sides cover the sealants a second time, after which the window will last a very long time. So you need to contact only reliable companies.