Double slit brick: Advantages of the material

In modern construction, several types of bricks are used. They differ in production technology and raw materials from which they are made. You will meet a ceramic, fireproof, clinker, pressed brick and many different names on the market. Separately, it is worth mentioning a double brick – this is one of the varieties of ceramic brick, for the production of which natural clay and various additives are used. They can be different, so such material is divided into several brands, one of the most popular for cottage construction is a double slotum M-150 brick is considered to be a brick.

What are the advantages of such a material? Experts note its strength and wear resistance, and as a result – durability. In addition, a double brick has the most important qualities – it is insensitive to temperature extremes and perfectly withstands even fierce frosts. With all these qualities, of course, a double slit M-150 can boast. In addition, it has another important characteristic. He will save you a lot of money and time, since the construction of a house from such a material is carried out faster, and in this case, the brick leaves less, and, by the way, the cost of the solution below. True, in the case of this material, the walls of the building will be a little thinner. However, this brick double the slot M-150 has good heat-insulating characteristics, so this moment as a whole turns out to be insignificant.

If you are interested in a double brick by clicking on this link, you can familiarize yourself with various brands, in the catalog, equipped with photographs, prices are indicated and detailed characteristics of each product are shown. In addition, you can use functions such as the selection of brick color and calculator. Good choice for you!