Artificial marble

Artificial marble is a facing tile that imitates the texture of natural marble. As a rule, marble was used to give the placement of special chic and the creation of rich decoration. Currently, marble is used for lining the floor, walls and stairs, as well as for the manufacture of railings, countertops and other decorative elements. Artificial marble is much stronger than natural, it does not absorb smells and does not miss moisture.

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When buying this material, you need to pay attention to some features. The thickness of artificial marble can be from 1 to 5 centimeters, the use of the thinnest marble is not particularly practical. When buying artificial marble, it is also worth paying attention to its homogeneity: the higher it is, the stronger the material will be. Porous marble is made of poor -quality raw materials, short -lived and can have internal cracks.

Also, increased porosity contributes to moisture passing. Marble can be gray, white and color. There are more impurities in color marble affecting the appearance of a particular shade. This type is resistant to the influence of external factors and can be used for any type of work. There are no impurities in white marble, it is resistant to temperature extremes and can be easily processed. However, it is recommended for decoration of residential premises. In gray marble there are a small amount of impurities and is suitable for both external and interior decoration.