Artificial ice for the rink

The artificial is almost no different from natural, the difference is that special equipment is required for manufacturing. Artificial ice is not made of synthetic materials, for its production, water purified from impurities is used using the refrigerator. The quality of artificial ice is in no way inferior to natural, but in some characteristics it exceeds.

Artificial ice is widely used in the construction of ice structures, its advantages are highly appreciated by not only builders, but also visitors to the rollers. Artificial ice due to high quality, perfectly flat surface, a wide temperature range of use, ease of manufacture and maintenance has found wide use in the construction of sports complexes. The quality of artificial ice remains at an invariably high level, regardless of whether the indoor skating rink is, or open.

To maintain an open rink in the initial state, it is necessary to regularly remove snow. The company provides a full set of services for the design, installation and construction of rollers, on the site you can find out the prices and conditions of cooperation.

It is possible to build a high -quality ice palace in a short time only when using modern technologies. There are several ways to build rollers, one of which is the Ice Mata technology, which allows you to fill the ice fields with a maximum speed with minimal costs. This technology allows you to conduct world -class competitions, which, in addition to ice, require a fairly large area for the placement of spectators.

Before the construction of the rink, it is necessary to decide on the choice of a place, the land can be bought or rented. Modern technologies allow you to build a large ice palace in a few months, so the costs will quickly pay off. On the basis of the Ice Palace, you can conduct not only sports competitions and training, but also cultural events, organize children’s sports sections.

The main advantage of large rollers is the possibility of year -round training, which will allow more seriously to sports. Against the background of the popularization of winter sports, the construction of rollers is a profitable investment investment. Construction and filling of rollers – a rather competitive type of business to get around competitors must experiment, use modern technologies. The construction of sports facilities using light metal structures allows you to save a lot of time and money without loss of quality. All objects from light metal structures are easily collected, dismantled and transported, the construction of a large sports complex takes several months.