The Most Popular Legends Among Wyoming Civilians

You can’t pass by a unique natural structure located in the middle of the Great Plains, which has received formidable names – “Devil’s Tower”, “Devil’s Tower”.

The height of the tower is 386 meters. Scientists believe that it was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. The ejection of magma froze in the form of a giant rock tower, on which water, wind and sun worked for thousands of years. As a result, excess rock was removed, and the faceted sides were polished to a shine.

For a long time, the tower served as a cult object among the Indians. The Indians did not settle near the rock and avoided approaching it, believing that evil gods lived on it. Only shamans were not afraid of the Devil’s Tower; they organized witchcraft rituals at the foot. As Indian legends say, some shamans even climbed to the top to overcome the fear of the unknown and receive higher knowledge from the gods.

There are several legends about the origin of the tower. One of them says that at its peak lives a demon who hates the human race and wants to destroy it. Periodically, he performs wild dances and beats the drum, calling on dark forces to help him wipe people off the face of the earth. But the forces of light drove the clouds, a thunderstorm began, which dispersed the evil forces with lightning and thunder. This was repeated from century to century.

According to another legend, an evil spirit lived among the plains in the guise of a huge bear. Once he attacked the girls. Those, fleeing from the terrible beast, climbed a huge boulder and began to ask him for help. The boulder heeded the pleas of the innocent and began to grow, turning into a rock and lifting the girls higher and higher. And the bear only scratched his sides with its claws in a rage, as a result of which grooves were formed on the rock, reminiscent of corrugation.