High -quality laminate

The modern laminate market is presented with a wide selection of products. The first selection criterion is the moisture resistance of the material. So, laminate 33 or 32 of class is characterized by moisture resistance and abrasion. To determine moisture resistance, you need to saw off its site, then lower it for eight hours into water. The material during this time should swell at 18%.

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The next parameter is the cost of the material. Cheaper than $ 10 square meters of a high -quality high -class European high -quality laminate cannot cost. Sometimes on the floor covering, which is made in the PRC or Russia, there is a mark that they have German or Belgian origin. Naturally domestic material can be quite high -quality, but its cost will be an order of magnitude higher than the European analogue.

Another criterion is the size of the flooring. Chinese products are often performed with a thickness of 12.3 mm with a length of 1215mm. The reason is simple – most of the enterprises of the PRC products of such dimensions, as they allow maximum savings in the means. It is important to remember the marking of the material. So, usually Chinese products have no designations.