High -quality linoleum from the leader

The heterogeneous commercial linoleum of the Polystyl Contact collection of domestic production is currently the most wear -resistant collection of this brand, which corresponds to class 34 and 43. A work layer, the thickness of which is 0.7 millimeters, the coating for a long time is preserved, easy cleaning is guaranteed. Modern design and the availability of additional polyurethane protection allows you to successfully use this collection in the facilities of the medical sphere, schools, kindergartens, office rooms. Note that linoleum polystyle is one of the brands belonging to the company Tarkett. The new company in the domestic flooring market offers a balanced combination of high -quality design and the physical characteristics of the coating, as well as an excellent service from the largest manufacturer in our country.

This collection has such qualities as: class 34 and 43. The first is characterized by a high load on the flooring in rooms with high patency, and the second on coating in the premises of production workshops. In addition, the collection has an additional protective coating R. Max, the options are presented in width of 2, 3, 4 meters.

Traditionally, a high level of practicality, high-quality design solution, a high degree of wear resistance, increased resistance to temperature differences, characteristic only of duplicated products-all this is united in the modern linoleum collection of Polaris, which is a truly “supernova” star. This collection has the following qualities: Class 23 (high level of load on flooring in residential premises), 32 (average burden in public premises), as well as an additional protective coating.