Rehau door systems are an example of an optimal combination of price and quality

By making repairs or choosing interior design for their future apartment, many people take into account everything – except for the doors. But the success of the design or its collapse depends on their color, quality and material. Of course, now many prefer not to put the doors at all, but to cut out arches of various sizes and circles, remove the walls and make studios. But what to do with the doors through which you go to the balcony? It is impractical to cut the arch, leave the opening empty is also not a way out. An alternative solution to this issue is the installation of modern, high -quality and strong door systems from Rehau.

Rehau door systems in Stavropol or any other city are made from durable PVC. This material has excellent technical characteristics: firstly, PVC is resistant to environmental influence, weather conditions, sharp temperature drops, active chemicals (acid and alkali). It is also resistant to oxidation and corrosion, is not amenable to mechanical damage and combustion. In addition, PVC has a slight weight, which is also convenient for installation and dismantling. Rehau door systems have a good sound – and thermal insulation, high energy conservation class. In the cold season, in the wind season to feel cold or drafts you will definitely not. In addition, they are strong and have a considerable operational period. And this factor saves your money.

The manufacturer Rehau made sure that the assortment of the doors was large and diverse. This makes it possible to choose exactly those door systems that will fit into the selected interior design as harmoniously as possible. Doors are produced in various shapes, colors, designs. You can purchase sliding, rotary, two-and single-leaf, parallel-sliding and even rotary-oxide door systems. As accessories, modern and high -quality mechanisms of opening/closing doors are used. In addition to door systems, Rehau produces metal -plastic windows (window systems), window sills. Due to the special technology of the manufacture of the door and windows of Rehau, 10 % more light is passed.

Thus, when making repairs in your apartment, house, suburban cottage, it is worth choosing door and window systems from the manufacturer Rehau. Rehau products are an innovative premium technology, which, of course, are an example of the optimal combination of price and quality. Your house should only have high -quality, reliable and at the same time aesthetically attractive doors and windows.