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You have a summer cottage with a solidly built house. It is important that this house stood for a long time and delights you. Frequent and abundant rains and surface arrangement of groundwater will not only spoil the entire landscape of the site, but also destroy your house and other buildings. It depends on the other of the other factors and on how the drainage system is arranged in the country, which serves as the removal of excess groundwater. This system is an important measure of protection of a summer cottage with buildings from the negative effects of excess moisture. It depends on the location of the site which drainage system you need: superficial or deep.

Surface drainage provides the necessary drainage of both melt and rainwater, and also provides the optimal level of groundwater location.

Deep drainage is installed in areas located in lowlands. The joint device of both types of drainage is the most optimal option.

The thorough drainage serves as the creation of comfortable conditions for human and vegetation life and lengthens the term of reliable service of houses and auxiliary structures.

For the device of the drainage system, you need to buy plastic trays, on the quality of which the durability and efficiency of the system itself depends.

One of the main parts of the water removal system is a drainage tray.

Qualitatively manufactured materials for the drainage system at affordable prices can be purchased at the hydrolika trading company.

The site represents the company “Hydropolita”, which specializes in the production of products for drainage systems and drainage in our country and the CIS countries and their and sale.

Hydropolika has many years of experience in the production of various types of drainage systems. The company’s team is high -class specialists who can satisfy any customer requests. In the formation and development of their products, our experts use the experience of foreign manufacturers of such products. This experience and high technologies used in production allows the team to improve product quality. The manufactured and sold products are indicated by the test protocols and the corresponding certificates. The prices of this company are flexible and can arrange any customer. The Hydolika company presents a guarantee for any of its products.

The company has developed trust with clients throughout the country and foreign.

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