Foundation and its protection against moisture (waterproofing).

Everyone knows the capital truth that the foundation-base of any structure and its strength depends not only the long-term for the building, but also the security of the people in it. Moisture causes huge harm to the foundation, the source of which is precipitation and underground soils that have a feature of accumulating moisture. Therefore, when laying and forming the foundation, the main role is played by work on its waterproofing in accordance with technological standards and standards.

Specialists of leading construction companies have developed a modern technology for protecting the foundation from moisture, the so -called penetrating waterproofing of the foundation. It includes four aspects: preparation of the foundation of the foundation for applying a special chemical composition, fine, processing of seams and joints, and waterproofing of the surface. Consider the features of these waterproofing works. The use of the Penetron waterproofing system is based on the use of the waterproofing system.

1. Before applying to the foundation of a special composition for waterproofing, it is necessary to check it for strength (10 MPa and above), for chemical neutrality, you also need to cleanse the surface of extraneous peeling, rust, dirt and dust with a special brush with a metal bastard. For cleaning the surface of the foundation, substances that remove oily and fat pollution are also used. 2. Streeting is a 25 x 25 millimeter recess that has a P-shaped shape at the seams, joints. They must also be cleaned in the same way as the surface of the foundation.

3. Work on waterproofing joints and seams is carried out at a temperature of at least + 5 degrees. A special material has an increased waterproof properties. First, stamps, seams and joints are well treated with water, then covered with a special synthetically synthetically synthetic – fibrous chemical at the rate of 0.5 kilograms per linear meter. And only after these preparatory work, all the recesses are poured with a seam solution. The normative consumption of this solution is one and a half kilogram per 1 linear meter. 4.Final work – the waterproofing of the surface of the foundation – is carried out as follows: the concrete is well moistened, then the waterproofing solution is applied evenly with two layers, and the second layer is applied to the first layer, which should be slightly hardened. The standard for the first layer is 600 grams per square meter. m., for the second layer – 400 grams per square meter. m. Experts pay attention to the fact that the prepared foundation should be protected from blows and other similar damage, as well as from minus temperatures. The surface of the foundation for 3 days should remain wet. To do this, it is periodically sprayed with water and covered with a film made of polyethylene. The techno give the following tips: to control the shelf life of the materials used and their uniform composition (lack of lumps); The quality of preparatory work, the temperature of concrete and the water used, the rules for the preparation and use of waterproofing solutions. After 28 days, an inspection is carried out. Water should not seep through the waterproofing surface of the foundation.