How to care for water

The pool is not just some kind of plot with a large volume of water. This is a whole system that provides a human body with a safe vacation. And it includes both technical types of work and control over the already created pool, and chemical control of the aquatic environment. If you do not care for the most common liquid on the planet, then it will begin to deteriorate, like any fruit or vegetable containing a lot of water.

It is not so difficult to follow the pool. You just need to know some chemical compounds and introduce them into the water under the supervision of specialists. It is extremely undesirable to take care of water independently, because any error in the dose of chemicals can lead to health problems. For example, chlorine in water is safe for humans, but when it becomes gas, this is a mortal poison (its excess in the aquatic environment also does not bode well). On the website IMPERBUD. . UA can easily order all the necessary compounds for the pool, starting with standard chlorine and ending with pH correctors. But what is so amazing in various means – why is it best to entrust the care of water to professionals online stores (or, at least, follow their advice)? As mentioned above, the introduction of chlorine into the basin complex is a mandatory procedure. Without chlorine, the liquid in a matter of minutes will be filled with mud, all sorts of particles and microorganisms from the outside. A little later the water will begin to turn green, and it will not be possible to swim in it. Also, the liquid environment is supported by such chemical compounds as the PH regulator, active oxygen and algicide. If necessary, hydrologists or masters who know about water and everyone, use other means to maintain the water element in the proper “form”. Specifically, then control over the pH is important so that chlorine protecting water from microbes works as it should. The acid -base balance has a sharp effect on the molecular structure of the chlorine – with an incorrect level, PH chlorine is able to stop working as a means of cleaning. Active oxygen and algicide, like chlorine, save water from algae, microorganisms and other undesirable “friends”.