Drainage system of the site

A lot of summer cottage owners in early spring are faced with a problem as flooding of the site. In some particularly serious cases, water costs right up to the middle of summer, which itself very negatively affects everything that is on this area, starting from the buildings and ending with plants. The only guarantee of flooding of the site can only be a drainage system. The drainage system has been increasing more and more distributed in recent years, but it cannot be said that it is distinguished by the complexity of the organization, as well as the high cost due to which not everyone can afford it. Recently, the delivery of crushed stone in Domodedovo is often carried out by special companies.

The drainage system is most often a network of channels interconnected, which are under a certain bias to the place of water collection. The channels are equipped in places of probable water accumulation, as well as in those places in which this water should not accumulate in any case, for example, near the buildings or any other objects. It is also worth saying that drainage channels in most cases are covered with gravel or something similar and covered with grilles. As for the channels themselves, they are either concreted or made using a corrugated pipe of large diameter.