Facade brick from the manufacturer. Brick St. Petersburg

Brick – building material, the best characteristics of which are tested by time. Durable, frost – and heat -resistant, reliable, environmentally friendly – brick St. Petersburg and not only still remains one of the most popular products in the construction sphere. Moreover, the modern market offers a fairly wide selection of these products, which differs both in both the brand and in size, shape, qualitative characteristics and even color. One of the most common is silicate brick. It is made of sand-cream mixture and is inexpensive. The cost and its characteristics are respectable: silicate – relatively fragile, heavy, poorly conducts heat and does not obscure moisture, so it is most often used in the construction of walls and partitions inside the buildings.

If we talk about the most popular form of brick, then this can be attributed to ceramic. They are created from various clay mixtures by firing, are full -bodied and hollow, are used almost everywhere, whether it is masonry of the stove or the construction of the foundation.

Similar in characteristics with ceramic and clinker. Unlike the first, they are firing at a stronger temperature, which gives clinker bricks improved strength. Thanks to it, they are widely used in laying foundations, drains, facades, etc. D. However, for facing now there is a separate type. Namely – facade.

Facade brick, whether it is a brick of St. Petersburg or any other city – this is a building material created from special varieties of clay. Its feature is the ability to push water. In addition, it has a presentable look, therefore it does not imply coloring or plastering after masonry. Depending on the quality, the facade brick is divided into classes: economy, standard, elite. It is produced in various forms and colors, which, in conjunction with special properties, made it universal building materials.

There is also a separate species for laying fireplaces and furnaces – this is the so -called chamotum (or fireproof) brick. Its main advantage is the ability to gradually accumulate and give heat, t. e. fireplaces and stoves made of chamotis bricks heat up for a long time and also give heat for a long time. Thanks to this building material, the room receives uniform heating and remains warm for a long time.

To date, the construction market also offers its other varieties, each of which has its own characteristics and involves the use in a certain form of construction. Consultations on this subject can always be obtained from professional builders or spied on the Internet. A competent choice of brick in the totality with compliance with construction technologies and a feature of masonry is the key to the durability of the structure, whether it be a fireplace with a stove or a whole house.