Dowsteen drywall

It would seem that drywall is a fragile and brittle material, slight negligence and a crack or chip is formed, and if the interior idea involves non -standard and smooth lines, many owners have to fork out a very expensive arched gypsum cardboard.

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In addition to high cost, it is also inconvenient in structure: large thickness and density make it hard to work hard to cut it.

But the masters came up with a way to bend the most ordinary sheet of drywall and claim that you can get almost any angle!

Two methods: bend dry drywall and wet.

With dry bending, if the bending angle is very large, then you can slightly deform the sheet along the length to the desired circle, fix it gradually, as it bends and fit, with self -tapping screws to the desired structure. You need to do this very carefully.

If you need a smaller radius, then with the help of a regular knife you need to make incisions in the width of the material parallel to each other and at the same distance, but do not completely cut drywall, then glue the entire sheet with a net so that the cuts of incisions do not crumble. You can and cut completely the sheet into small “boards” and screw them separately, then treat them with putty.

Flexion of wet drywall fell in love with home craftsmen more. One side of the sheet is thoroughly moistened, due to the porous structure, drywall becomes soft and supple. To do this, with the help of a special needle roller, punctures are made over the entire surface, you can do this and applying an ordinary awl. Gypsum plasterboard is fixed with tape to the template, after drying it hards and retains the form. Either screwed neatly in wet form to the structure.