Glossy ceiling for a stylish interior

The ceiling finishing is not just an important component of the interior, but can become a highlight that will revive the room and make it cozy. An interesting, non -standard decor of this element can be the main stroke when decorating the premises.

Modern design trends require the surface of ideal evenness. Therefore, stretch systems are most often used, they can transform the room and hide any drawback. At the same time, suspended ceilings will be able to embody any of your ideas, because for this type of ceilings there are no restrictions in the form of execution, and irregularities are reliably hidden. Stretch ceilings allow you to create whole expositions, such exciting can be plots for interior design.

Completely reveal the idea of ​​a designer or customer will allow a successful combination of texture and variety of colors. A huge selection of textures is a material such as PVC film used to install glossy stretch ceilings. The seams when laying the film are not visible, which creates the effect of the bottomlessness of the ceiling. If the room is small, you can use glossy stretch ceilings of light shades profitably, they will give the impression that the room in the room is much larger than it is actually. There are solutions to the premises of more spacious decisions using a decor in the form of a backlight using LEDs. On the ceiling you can create a dynamic picture.

The plus of glossy stretch ceilings is not only their diversity. This species perfectly reflects light, which is suitable for rooms with insufficient light. Thus, you can save on additional lighting. For the manufacture of glossy tension structures, environmentally friendly materials are used that do not harm health. The stretch system hides disadvantages and does not require “wet” decoration and alignment. This reduces time for finishing work, which is sometimes an important factor in repair.

The cost of glossy stretch ceilings depends on the material. Average price per square meter from two hundred rubles. The most expensive options for design are mother -in -law and metallic.

If you want to make candy out of a regular dwelling, you should order glossy stretch ceilings, and then your house will be remembered by guests for a long time! Such solutions are widely used in the design of large shopping and entertainment centers, pools, fitness clubs, state institutions and other premises.