Doors for rooms and not much about entering the SRO.

There was a desire to change all the interior doors in the apartment. There will be no problems with the choice today. The stores have a huge assortment for any wallet.

Natural wooden doors from oak, ash or beech will give the interior sophistication, but everyone is unlikely to like the price. You can choose doors cheaper, for example, from pine raw materials.

Choosing a door from such a material, you should know that they will serve you much less than from expensive material. It is much softer, but if you are a neat person, and you treat things carefully, then you can extend the life of such doors. In addition, some manufacturers, trying to make the doors from this material more protected from influences, are impregnated with special compounds or varnish.

Doors from pine raw materials are not suitable for bathrooms due to dampness, but you can find a way out and put a door with a protective film PVC. She will protect from moisture. It will also be better for kitchen rooms if the door is protected by a film. Here the temperature is constantly changing, and this can affect the appearance of the door.

If you want to join the SRO, that is, in a self -regulatory organization in St. Petersburg, then we advise you to visit the site – SPB. Corporate/Sro. There you will find a lot of useful information about this, learn what and how to do.

When purchasing a door for any room, be sure to take into account the color so that it fit into your interior as best as possible.

Having bought the doors, you will need doorbells. It is necessary that the materials of the doors and the boxes match. When you start the installation, you need fire safety to be observed. And this means that it is better that it does not open inward, it will facilitate the evacuation.

There is still such material as Mazonite. This door can last less than ten years, but the price will be affordable for everyone. In addition, such doors can be painted, and this is very convenient, since you can choose a color for any design of the room and paint, even if you make repairs in the future, you can update the door.

Such different doors and different materials. Choose which door you want to put at home.