Glossy ceilings

One type of stretch ceiling is a glossy ceiling. It is made of a high -strength canvas – from PVC film.

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It is worth saying that this material is really strong enough, does not deform, easily washed and decorated in any color, which allows you to use such a ceiling in completely any room. Gloss easily reflects color, creates an optical illusion, that is, visually expands the space in a small room.


– Water resistance;

– Resistance to pollution;

– Light installation;

– Good price.

However, there are shortcomings. For example, glossy ceilings cannot be used in rooms with low temperature (below zero degrees). And if an acute object gets, they are easily damaged than the PVC film is significantly inferior to polyester fabric.

This ceiling will easily be combined with various design variations. The ceiling can be made both one- and multi-level. A multi -level glossy ceiling will look bright, unusual, stylish. In addition, such a ceiling is perfect for the effect, for example, a starry sky. One of the advantages is also a huge range of colors. Sometimes the option of making glossy coatings stylized for marble or metal is possible.