Clay -sulfide roof

In rural areas, the granular roof began to use the granular. Such a roof, as a rule, is made on clay houses or household buildings. Such a roof has its virtues. The main advantage is that the costs of such a roof are minimal, it is fireproof, very simple with construction and is considered durable. Such a roof can serve twenty -five or thirty years.

It is believed that clay -sibloma is heavy material for the roof. For her, it is necessary to prepare a special basis, which is made of strong wood. The construction process of such a roof is very interesting.

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For styling it is necessary to take rye straw, which is threshed. There are times when it can replace another straw (barley or wheat). Any straw before using in construction, you must carefully check. Unacceptable so that there is dirt, rot or grass in the straw.

For the construction of a roof of this type, clay is also considered important building material. For the roof, you need to use fat clay, which contains a small amount of sand. It must be prepared in the fall and store it all winter. After winter, it becomes loose and in the manufacture of the solution it gets better to get wet.

For the construction of the clay -bearing roof, it is necessary to make a solution, which consists of straw and clay. Check the readiness of the solution for use in a very specific way. To do this, insert a straw into the solution. The straw should be in an upright position for several minutes. If the solution does not stick to it, then it is ready for use. Such a roof will stand for a long time and its strength can maintain heat in the room for a long time.

As soon as the roof is ready, it will not look very beautiful. After it dries, it acquires a fairly aesthetic look. Any raw roof is very heavy, since the materials from which it should dry for a long time. In order for the roof not to collapse, it is recommended to strengthen it. Only when the clay -bearing roof dries has a good and beautiful view.