Waterproofing – home protection

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If you have taken up the construction of a house, you can not do without such important elements as materials for waterproofing the foundation. Now a great many options for waterproofing are presented on the building materials market. Pay special attention to the company in which you acquire waterproofing – it must have all the necessary documents, and each material must comply with safety and quality requirements. Let’s talk about what materials for waterproofing exist and what are the features of each.

Glassesole – directed material based on fiberglass. Bitumen is applied to the basis, and then a film or coarse -grained sprinkle. Service life – 30 years. The material is durable and reliable, in addition, it does not miss heat. It comes in rolls, that is, very compact.

Construction bitumen is a product of oil, resins, asphaltes and many other components. Bitumen can be used both in solid and liquid forms. A solid form is most often used for waterproofing – bitumen is supplied in bags, briquettes or drums.

Bitumen mastic is a product created on the basis of bitumen. Mastic has been tested for years and will be able to protect wood, concrete and reinforced concrete from moisture. Also has excellent thermal insulation properties and high adhesion, temperature changes are also not afraid of it.

Ruberoid – a material that is made of cardboard for roofs, bitumen, sprinkling and other components. Despite the emergence of many new materials on the market, the rooferoid does not lose its popularity – this is a quality tested by time.

Hydrostecloisol is a glass chloride or polyester treated with bitumen on both sides. He is not subject to decay and is able to serve 15 years. Hydrostecloisole – durable material that is easy to lay. It comes in rolls.

Waterproof is a high -quality base of fiberglass and bitumen. Moreover, the base can be covered with a bitumen mass on both two and on the one. It will serve 15 years, and thanks to its properties it will prevent the appearance of mold and fungus.

Thus, no matter what you choose, a worthy company will ensure the quality of all products so that your house serves you as long as possible.