City Perm Economics, Industry and Production.

The city of Perm is the Ural nugget, it spread along the Kama River and occupies 799.93 square meters. km is the third in occupied area throughout Russia, more only St. Petersburg and Moscow. Perm grew 70 km along the shore and went deep into the mainland by 40 km. An honorable third place in length steadily entrenched in Perm, it is inferior to St. Petersburg and Sochi.

According to the results of the All -Russian Census, which was held in 2010, Perm exceeded the mark of the millionth city. Its population amounted to 1,001,653 people, and at the moment there is a tendency for population growth and to the present moment in the city live 1,026,477 people.

Perm – the main economic center in the Perm Territory. It has weight on the All -Russian scale, since it is in sixth place according to the Russian Reporter magazine in the nomination “Entrepreneurial climate of Russian cities” and “The most promising megapolis”.

Rosstat notes that the production and economics of the city are growing steadily. The Permistat published statistical indicators of industry, which clearly shows that the balance obtained at the enterprises of the entire Perm Territory exceeded last year’s indicators, and by September 2010 it was at the mark of 22.2%. Industrial enterprises in this indicator occupy at least 90% of all other enterprises of the region. The leading positions and stable growth are registered in the oil refining, chemical industries, but the production of machines and equipment also occupies the upper lines of statistical reports.

Prices for food in Perm were moderate and amounted to 9, 2%, when throughout Russia – 8.4%, and in industry this indicator ranges from 11.2%.

Minerals reached 13.9%, electricity, gas, water distribution and production on an indicator of 13.7%, processing production by 9.4%. Industrial production index exceeded the bar of 120.1%

Permites are increasingly making purchases in large trading pavilions. Small markets and stalls in sleeping areas fade into the background. Such international and federal retail chains as Metro Cash entered the consumer market of Perm & Carry, Castorama, Sportmaster, M. Video “,” Eldorado “,” Children’s World “,” Technola “.

Production capacities of the Perm Territory are leaders throughout the Urals. These are electric power, oil-gas processing, mechanical engineering, chemistry and petrochemistry, woodworking, printing and food industry.

They surpass such large megacities as Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Ufa. Large companies in these transgresses are LUKOIL OJSC, LUKOIL -Permnefteorgsintez LLC and Permneftegaz Production LLC. Also in the city, subsidiaries Lukoil-LUKOIL-PERM LLC and LUKOIL-Permnefteprodukt LLC were placed their offices.

The printing segment of industry is represented by the Perm Printing Factory “Goznak”. It works both on the scale of the Russian Federation and for other countries.

International News: Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor .