Fundamental Building Bloc from S-Beton

Blocks intended for laying foundations managed to show impressive results in low -rise construction, as well as in high -rise housing construction. FBS is quite traditional material for domestic construction. In addition to the installation of foundation bases, FBS is often used in the construction of basement areas of the structure and basements. To achieve greater strength of the load -bearing parts, the installation process is often carried out on pre -laid reinforced concrete pillows. It is not uncommon instead of these pillows for a substrate device when laying the FBS blocks is also used monolithic slab.

The relevance of the use of FBS blocks is manifested especially in the course of the construction of objects characterized by compliance with strict technical requirements. As for the purchase, the S-Beton Index is increasingly preferred. PHPFBS .

Those blocks that are planned to be used for basements or strong walls are made of heavy concrete. It is characterized by the presence of a filler, which use granite crushed stone. Separate modifications are distinguished by reinforcement with reinforcement, and besides, they have loops that simplify transportation.