Form for calculating the cost of wall plaster

Any person who turns to a construction organization regarding the plaster of the walls is always wondering about the cost. The manager readily explains that the price of this kind of work depends primarily on the surface area on which the repair will be carried out, its complexity of the structure, the presence of irregularities and skew, etc.

However, such an explanation is unlikely to help unequivocally determine the cost of wall plaster. At the moment, there is a clear system of rates, based on which the construction company is conducting a pricing policy.

Detailed scheme for calculating the cost of black wall decoration

This formula is used for handmade. The machine plaster of the walls also obeys her.

We denote the full cost of plastering work per 1 m² with the letter – Z. This value is equal to the amount of embezzlement of labor of the working link (p), the costs and net profit of the company, which provides services (F), the cost of direct work (price for material, transportation costs of its delivery for construction site, loading/unloading of bags, depreciation of equipment and manual tools, waste of water and electricity). The last value is designated as q.

Listening to the opinion of experts, it can be determined that the value of Q depends on the thickness of the layer and their number. The more material consumes, the higher the cost. The volume of alleged work also affects this indicator.

Indicator P in each organization is clearly defined and any client can recognize it. So, this includes the remuneration of one working link (3-4 people). This is wall plaster, work with equipment, maintenance of the workplace, preparation of the surface of the wall (cleaning, primer), distribution of building materials by site.

F is the amount related to paying for the services of the company, includes payment for the organization of labor, the salary of controlling personnel, taxation.

Food wages of employees are often practiced today. In this case, a part of unforeseen waste is removed from the company during wall plaster. Embezzlement is charged from the working brigade. This can be an unjustified overrun of building material, marriage when performing a black layer. These measures stimulate the activities of personnel, while the quality and productivity of labor increases.

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