How to buy a mattress from the manufacturer via the Internet?

Remember that the mattress equally ideal for any person is not yet invented. Therefore, before ordering a particular model from the website of the Live Sofas online store, carefully read its description and characteristics. How to measure the length and width of your sleeping place? Choose height and rigidity, as well as manufacturing material?

The choice of the mattress is influenced by the three main parameters: the size, height and stiffness of the product. We will tell you more about them.


Before buying a mattress from the manufacturer, first measure the length and width of your sleeping place. Matraits of 80200 cm are suitable for single beds. For one and a half -spar beds, mattresses of 140,200 cm are produced, and for double – 160200 cm. There are also the so-called Euro-Standard mattresses, whose size is 180200 cm.


This parameter depends on the type of product. The height (thickness) of unrevaled mattresses varies from 15 to 18 cm, and mattresses with a spring block – from 18 to 24 cm. Products of smaller heights are suitable only for the role of shedding: for example, a thin mattress can be put on an old sofa.

Keep in mind that any mattress should at least rise a little over the sidewalls of the bed. People with an excess body mass should think about higher products – after all, under the weight of a fat person, the mattress will inevitably bend.


According to this parameter, orthopedic mattresses are divided into soft, medium and hard.

Soft models with a filter of latex, PPU and a number of other materials are perfectly adapted to the individual anatomical characteristics of the body of a sleeping person, providing maximum comfort during sleep. Such products are suitable for people of advanced age, as well as those who suffer from joint diseases or have problems with the lumbar spine. In addition, soft mattresses are recommended for lovers to sleep on their side.

Hard mattresses are the best choice for children and adolescents whose spine is in the process of formation. Also, products with a rigid base are advised to be purchased by adults with improper posture, overweight or diseases of the upper spine. You will not be mistaken by buying a hard mattress, and if you like to sleep on your stomach.

Combined medium rigidity mattresses combine excellent elasticity indicators with good supportive qualities. Feel free to buy such a product if you usually sleep on your back or simply look for a compromise between soft and hard mattresses.