Home foundation – responsible choice

The underground part of the house, which is used as a support of all its elements, is commonly called the foundation. A qualitatively constructed foundation is a key to a long -term construction of the construction construction. The foundations are several main types, each of which has its own characteristics and is designed for various factors, for example, the material used, number of storeys, type of house, quality and soil relief. Do not rush, building the foundation for the house, because the more carefully the design of the foundation will be chosen and mounted, the greater the service life will be at the future house. A competently selected foundation for the type of construction prevents the settings of the object, the occurrence of cracks on the walls and their skew.

The design and calculation of the foundation is carried out taking into account all the features of the house under construction. Much attention is paid to the quality of the soil and the terrain. For example, the construction of wood houses always begin with a choice of the type of foundation. Wooden houses have light weight, so most often the foundation is chosen taking into account the nature of the soils. The foundation on the sand pillow is the simplest and best option, a monolithic pile foundation is the most economical option.

Depending on the characteristics of the supports on the soil, the foundations are slab, pile-lanter, strip and pile. If the construction of the house is planned to be produced on a land plot with complex soils, for example, bulk, then it is necessary that a monolithic plate made of reinforced concrete is located under the base of the house. All this provides for large financial costs, also for organizing pillows from sand and crushed stone for the foundation of the foundation. The use of such foundations is indispensable in complex areas, in this regard, they are not used very often.

For houses made of wood (galbed logs, profiled or glued beams, etc.) The most suitable pile-left, strip and pile foundations. Each of these types has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right foundation for your wooden house, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. If you trust the construction of a house of a construction company with an impeccable reputation, then a professional with many years of experience will be engaged in the choice of the foundation. For this, he explores the features of the site on which the house will be built, and will also take into account the material from which it will be built.