The foil in the bath will retain heat

Foil isolon, which is truly modern material, and attributed to the domestic market to the number of new materials, can boast of excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing qualities. It is not surprising that he received the widest application in the twenty -first century. Irone isonol -foil in such industries as mechanical engineering and the construction industry, where he has long proved his worth in practice. However, in no case should you forget about those areas where foil isolon isolon is used even in smaller quantities, but with the proper level of success. Often there is a foil in a bathhouse, which has a layer of insolon.

She perfectly cope with the tasks of maintaining heat inside the bath, and this, as you know, is really very important. But even this area of ​​use of isolon is not limited. It should be noted that absolutely all the isolon presented on the market can be divided into two main groups: NPE and PPE. It is interesting that both varieties of isolon use on the Russian market about the same level of demand, and its sale is engaged in both manufacturers and companies that perform exclusively intermediary functions.

By the way, foil isolon can vary in density, have a blowing base or attached in another way, and its thickness, depending on the potential sphere of use, can vary in the range from three to ten millimeters. In fairness, it is worth noting that its price and thermal insulation qualities directly depend on the thickness of the foil of insolon, since the sound insulation does not depend on the thickness of the insolon used in any way. At the same time, the price of the material under consideration is at a completely attractive and objective mark.