Using high -pressure sleeves


Over the past few years, in Russia, high -pressure sleeves are considered an important part of any hydraulic system. The fact is that it is here that hoses perform the function of a compensator, damping device, and not just the function of the pipeline. This significantly increases the period of use of the pipeline, fittings, as well as the entire metal reinforcement due to the absorption of vibration. You can buy high -pressure sleeves on the website of a specialized company, for example, here Shlangi_jcb. ASPX you can buy high -quality high -pressure hoses JCB. They are widely used in automobile, agricultural, aviation, construction, road, shipwear, as well as modern machine tool construction.

Most often, the sleeves of this type are installed in the hydraulic system chain in those places where the pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and other hydraulic equipment are connected. The use of modern high -pressure sleeves with sliding hydraulic cylinders and telescopic is considered important and necessary, as they compensate for the length of the rod of the rod.

Over the past few years, a large assortment of various RVDs has been offered in the domestic market. In order to buy a high -quality device, you need to seek help from an official distributor or a specialized company. Companies offer high -pressure sleeves, both Russian and foreign manufacturers. Any large company sells the most popular sleeves of excellent quality and high reliability in the foreign and Russian market. In a wide assortment, you will find frost -resistant, oil -zoom -resistant, not reinforced, as well as reinforced RVD of various diameters. Do not forget that all sleeves are divided into two types:

– hoses with a metal braid;

– Metal navigation hoses.