Using corrugated board in the arrangement of the roof

The frequent use of a profiled sheet in the arrangement of the roof is explained by its remarkable properties: lightness, ease of installation, high mechanical strength, wear resistance and good tightness of joints. If there is a need to rebuild the old roof or equip a new one, the choice of corrugated board is obvious, among all the well -known roofing coatings used in modern construction, the consumer prefers the most optimal option.

High -quality professional, the price of which justifies its consumer properties and a wide range of applications, favorably differs among modern roofing coatings used in private and industrial construction.

Operational characteristics

The popularity of the profiled sheet among developers is due to the remarkable operational parameters of this building material made by the izomat of galvanized steel, in compliance with all technological requirements. The indisputable advantages of the profiled sheet include:

– relatively low price,

– Good fire properties,

– The ease of material,

– simplicity and ease of installation,

– Universality, successfully used not only for the arrangement of the roof, but also as corrugated board for the fence, wall cladding, use as formwork;

– stability to burn out under the influence of ultraviolet radiation,

– resistance to destruction as a result of corrosion and temperature changes,

– Aesthetic appearance due to decorative polymer coating.

One of the important rules, which should certainly be observed in the competent arrangement of the roof, the minimum possible angle of inclination of the roof slope should not be less than 8 degrees. What is due to the need to ensure the tightness of the joints when laying sheets of roofing material with an overlap on each other. I exist certain laying rules, in accordance with the angle of inclination of the roof slope:

– The angle of inclination of the roof is 14 degrees, the overlap of the material is at least 200 mm;

– The angle of inclination of the roof is 15-30 degrees, the overlap of the material is at least 150 mm;

– The angle of inclination of the roof is more than 30 degrees, overlapping the material at least 100 mm.

With an angle of inclination of less than 12 degrees, it is recommended to carry out additional processing of joints with a sealant, which will prevent the possibility of leaks of the roof.

To fix the sheets to a wooden crate, special screws with a rubber gasket are used, which reliably ensures the tightness of the mounting point.

Follow the technological rules for arranging the roof, and the long -term roof service will be a worthy reward to your work.