The use of polystyrene concrete foam

Filling internal cells material is foam or polystyrene. The listed materials are characterized by high heat -insulating and strength characteristics. The quality of thermal insulation depends on the possibility of movement. These properties provide the advantage of polystye concrete over foam concrete and aerated concrete.

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The plastic balls that are inside concrete have special physical properties. Due to their lightweight, the products are characterized by small volumetric density. This material is also resistant to deformation. One of the most important characteristics of the structural material is the absorption of moisture. With its low indicator, frost resistance and the life of the structure increase. Polistyrol concrete foam is characterized by a low moisture absorption coefficient among other types of light concrete. Microclimate folded from polystyrene concrete blocks of the house can compare with the atmosphere inside a wooden house. This property is possible due to automatic control of air humidity and good air exchange. It is worth noting that this material practically does not burn.