Using self -tapping screws in construction

Когда наступает момент, и вы готовы делать в доме ремонт, или же вовсе решились на строительство частного жилья, загородного дома, или дачи, вам обязательно понадобятся строительные инструменты и материалы, которые легко можно купить у производителя.

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How profitable to purchase self -tapping screws? Only by buying them wholesale<\ h2>

Self -tapping screws are a popular fastener, which in other words is called a self -cutting screw. It has the form of a rod with a head, as well as an outer thread, which, in turn, forms an internal thread in the hole of the product that we connect. As a rule, the self -tapping screw has a triangular thread located on a cylindrical surface, which does not completely close, unlike the screws.

Such fasteners made of carbon steel, brass or stainless steel are made. Products can be phosphate, that is, black, galvanized, oxidized (also black), galvanized yellow, or completely without coating. The fastener head can be secret, semi -rounded, semi -lane, cylindrical, semicircular with a puck, hexagonal press, or have a truncated cone. As you can see, all of them can differ and in order to buy self -tapping screws correctly, you need to know why they are most accurately suitable, and what option do you need.

It is also worth knowing that different self -tapping screws are used for each type of building material. Universal models with a hidden head in most cases will cope with any repair and construction work, and simply must be in the suitcase of each owner. If you do not know which you choose the right one, and whether it is suitable for you or otherwise, then it is best to buy universal, as they are definitely suitable for different everyday cases.