Primer concrete – contact

Plot concrete – contact – this is a construction mixture that gives a smooth surface the effect of roughness due to the content of quartz sand. The preparation of the solution is very simple – you just need to add water in a certain proportion. It must be said that the primer is not toxic, which means it is absolutely safe for humans. Plot concrete – contact has good clutch with various surfaces, for example, with a concrete wall or ceramic tile. Thanks to this primer, now you can not remove the old layer of concrete, paint or tiles. Why is the primer so in demand?

It’s no secret that on smooth concrete the plastering mixture is kept, to put it mildly, it does not matter, so it has to be shot down, cleaned, etc. D. Oil paint has poor adhesion with putty or tiles, so during repair work and it will have to be cleaned with a spatula or other tool. Well, on the previous tiles it will not be possible to stick a new one, which again forces to take on the tool and prepare the wall for work. To solve all the above problems and we need a primer concrete – contact. The mixture forms a strong rough film, and on the treated surface you can already glue the tile, apply plaster, putty and other mixtures.


If you need a primer in a small room, then a working tool here will be a brush or roller. If the area is large, then they are advised to use a spray -pollinator – it is convenient and prompt. As for the layers, the substance is applied to one to two layers depending on the state of the surface.


The consumption of a soil mixture is approximately 300 – 350 grams per square meter. The drying time, according to the manufacturer, is about 6 – 7 hours. The primer is sold in containers with a volume of 1.4 to 14 kilograms.

Claims – contact – contact:

• adhesion with smooth surfaces

• Ecologically safe for humans

• The speed of drying

• Lack of unpleasant odor

• moisture resistance

• Parone resistance

Dear pleasure?

Concrete primer prices – contact will seem democratic even for the most economical buyer. The thing is that suppliers’ firms are directly cooperating with the company – the manufacturer. Well, the selection of the mixture will allow you to find a primer for any type and surface condition.