The main reasons for the passage of gases from sewage to the room

Reliable and quite effective sewage is the most important environmental requirement. Introdomal sewage system is a set of plumbing devices and pipelines that remove waste and used water into the riser. Discharges of the bathroom, toilet and sinks are brought to this riser. The riser, then goes into a horizontally located pipe, which is located in the observation deck, then the well is connected to the sewage networks, which are included in the water cleaning system.

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On the roofs of large buildings, there is a system of hoods that leads to the atmosphere of the gase. In order for gases from the sewer to not penetrate the apartments, siphons are attached to absolutely every plumbing element. There may be several reasons for the passage of gases from the sewer:

1. This can happen due to the loose connection of the pipeline.

2. Due to cracks on the plum of the toilet.

3. Due to the disruption of a hydraulic sink plug, toilet or sink.

The first two difficulties can be easily solved by repair, or by replacing the seal, as well as tighten or change nuts. If there is a breakdown of a hydraulic cork, then you have to examine or change the sewage system of the apartment.